Senegalese squid packers, American tannery workers, Italian neon light benders, and British tide clock makers have shared lessons as have empty streets and finches' wings. I bring the methodological expertise, participant observation skills, cultural agility, and analytic rigor that accompany 15 years of producing anthropology across three continents, learning about communities from within. research work samples


My ethnographic fieldwork and qualitative research deeply inform the production of events, buildings, goods, and systems. I also lead creative production of site-specific installations, soundscapes, sensory maps, films, and reports. production work samples


Like most anthropologists, I spend many hours analyzing and organizing the data I've collected. I am commissioned to contribute book chapters, magazine and journal articles, briefs, internal company reports, and more for popular, scholarly, and technical publications on a range of topics. writing work samples


Marine barnacle species drawn and sculpted as an ongoing meditation and study. Idiophones welded from old sugar cane machetes for installation in a former provisioning plantation. Cold pressed watercolor paper painted, cut, and dipped in wax to create a wall of scales... I typically have a handful of playful projects happening in studio. creative work samples.