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extending cooperative education

Building on its very successful collaborations with industry and its schools of engineering, technology, medicine and science, in 2015, Drexel University established the Center for Cultural Partnerships to extend cooperative learning and teaching opportunities to students and faculty in the humanities, architecture and design departments. The Center partners with Philadelphia's legacy cultural institutions (museums, libraries and historical societies) to offer the Drexel community new sites of learning and offer the cultural institutions fresh perspectives and technical assistance to invigorate programming, staffing, and design.

With Dr. Rosalind Remer, the founding Lenfest Executive Director of Drexel's Center for Cultural Partnerships,  I designed and produced an audit of the museum partner's visitor experiences resulting in a detailed and graphically compelling report that included CAD renderings for redesigning the entry and reception area, first floor exhibits, and retail shop. I brought on two graduate Interior Architecture students, working with them on intakes and observations. In addition to a work-life experience, their contributions proved to be very valuable to the audit itself.