training an emerging workforce 

Kingsborough Community College (KCC) is located in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn - minutes away from Coney Island. KCC students speak a total of 73 different languages and come from 142 different countries. KCC is a comprehensive community college, offering a broad array of educational opportunities: preparation for transfer to a four-year institution, career development, general education, adult and continuing education, and support services. KCC's Center for Economic and Workforce Development (CEWD),  a Presidential initiative, coordinates, leads and fosters innovation and collaboration in workforce and economic development. 

I designed a CEWD Certificate Program, "Urban Solutions for the Environment (USE)," for staff in high-volume food service operations (e.g. hospitals and schools) being trained through Kingsborough's workforce development program. The certificate coursework covered sustainable supply chain design and management for food procurement staff.

I also provided strategic counsel to senior administration on Kingsborough’s role in 21st century food craft jobs training, taught a foodways course, and oversaw semester long hospitality apprenticeships for students in the Tourism and Hospitality Department.