Evolution of a name: Drunkard's Path > Wandering Vine > Snail Trails > Cat Tracks

The cotton harvest was a bit late this year, but it was a good one. Yesterday we received our samples from Artisan Weavers in North Carolina and Virginia and we’ll be receiving our order of coverlets in a few days. Hoorah! Look for them on our site next week and in our holiday shop (!) in downtown Manhattan (more on that on Monday). 

Makalé’s family has been using these blankets on picnics and lazy Saturday afternoons for years now. Dozens of machine washes later and they’re just as beautiful as the day we bought them. The crimson coverlet photo is in the Wandering Vine pattern. The design was first called Drunkard’s Path then Wandering Vine back in Scotland around the turn of the 18th c. In the states the pattern came to be called Snail Trails before being renamed Cat Tracks. Which name do you prefer?