The North American Stone Skipping Association

Did you ever learn how to skip a stone?

And your most skips? 

The current claim for the new Guinness world record is 51 skips (by Russ Byers) as I just learned on The North American Stone Skipping Association’s website. I want to become a member. 

I learned to skip stones in the back stream behind my grands’ house on East Island-near Glen Cove, LI.  My grandmother was the best, my friend Jenni a close second. 

I think my highest count was seven. We didn’t do it all the time, usually after supper. It was sort of a wind-it-down activity in my family. The three of us would scour the sand for good skippers,--they’re hard to find--but when you find the right one, skipping is a thrill. It’s magic making something glide across the water. 

Anyway, I’m just thinking about warm weather activities because I had to spend this past weekend inside, nursing a foot injury while everyone was outside on what was a rare sunny day this spring. We did have friends over for dinner Saturday night. That always brightens things up. The highlight seemed to be our dessert - Medjool dates soaked in espresso, cardamom, cinnamon and piloncillo served with a  side of whipped labneh.