The Big Umbrella

I wish I had The Big Umbrella today. It’s designed to cover 16 people.

I got terrifically soaked en route to the see the Carlito Carvalhosa show, Sum of Daysat MOMA. I went for the soundscape but was taken by the meters and meters of gauzy material (sort of like fusing fabric) that hung from the ceiling and collected in soft piles along the floor. The fabric was so light that it moved constantly brushing against everyone. But it didn’t create a sound micro-environment, which would’ve been grand. I guess was hoping for a more visually considerate but still Janet Cardiff-like sound experience of fullness and intimacy and magnified commonness. It’s not that. But it’s brilliantly installed. Best to go when there is a scheduled concert, I gather.

Next was an expedition to 11th Ave - La Boite NYC for spices. The space was exceptionally antiseptic, not at all what I’d hoped for or imagined. But I picked up three delicious sounding spice mixes:

Isphahan No. 1. Persian lemon, garlic and cardamom (fish, rice dishes and soups)

Tangier No. 23. Rose petals, cumin and cardamom (lamb, tajine, couscous, soups)

Mishmish No. 33. Crystalized honey, lemon and saffron (fruit dishes, pork and deserts)

It all reminded me of my friend Sarah Kahn’s terrific spice column in Zester Daily. Maybe they’ll get together and collaborate. She’d turn that place out.