Trail Markers

On these snowy winter days, we have the opportunity to become more conscious of the paths of our fellow travelers, as sidewalks and forests alike transform into a palimpsest of footprints. In the city, a pedestrian might stomp a path through a sidewalk snow drift that is then gratefully used by other commuters; in the woods we can trace ski trails and boot prints to discover which trails are most traveled. A pile of rocks or a broken branch can indicate a suggested direction when no trail has been blazed: we must remember to look up as well as down! - caitlin van dusen

Image from  Boy Scouts of America Handbook,  1930 .

Image from Boy Scouts of America Handbook, 1930.

North American Food Traditions

Eight years ago, when I was asked to direct a national project documenting North American foodways - working under seven of our country’s most esteemed conservationists, chefs, and farmers - I jumped at the opportunity. It was a remarkable project that changed my life and it’s with great pleasure that Pakistani-American ethnobotanist, Sarah Khan, PhD, has just written an article featuring many of the Native American chefs, farmers and retailers that were our collaborators and our guides. They’re continuing the work - as they’ve always done. 

Swollen Scarlets

made from water-engorged vegetable cellulose
they transcribe the sensation
of swelling and constriction.

they sit atop a large acrylic lake
with a gold mirror bottom.


Happy to announce that as of last Monday, after two seasons of study, I’m now a certified herbalist. The beginning of much, and more.

Designing Philanthropy

Many thanks to @MicheleFGartner of + Canada’s Trico Foundation for bringing me into such a thoughtful and inspired conversation on non-western forms of philanthropy, social entrepreneurship and the meeting of art, ethnography and design. Looking forward to following Michele’s work and to keeping our conversation going.

Water and Fall, An Illustrated Pamphlet on Life

A Collection of Sea Chanties
A Knotted Sea Net Bag
An Elfin Fisherman & A Very Big Snapper
Tinta De Calamar from País Vasco
A Sea Scout Manual from 1943
Tins of Bag Balm
Music of the Carousel x Smithsonian Folkways
Nine Ways to Disappear
Water and Fall, An Illustrated Pamphlet on Life

Moon and Tide Clocks
Sun, Moon, and Tide Clocks
A Roll of 100 Wish Tickets
Walnut,  Maple and Pecan Pitcher Spoons